October 13, 2021

5 Places You Should Never Hide Your House Keys



The security of your house not only relies on the doors and locks but also on the keys. It has been a common practice for homeowners to hide their keys in different places that they think only they would know. However, in this day and age, criminals may already know where to look for the keys in order to invade and steal from your home. You should give top priority to your home’s security and that includes your keys. One important thing that gets overlooked is hiding house keys in locations that are highly vulnerable.

You need to understand that you have to choose an effective hiding spot that people will not really try to approach when looking for keys. You need to be able to learn from these key hiding mistakes in order to better protect your home from unwanted visitors.

Here are the top 5 places that you should never hide your house keys.

1) Under the Doormats

For years, doormats have been one of the most common locations for hiding keys. The security of the key under a doormat is extremely at risk. The question is why do people still keep keys under the doormat? Don’t follow them if you really want your house as secure as ever. Take note, anyone can lift a doormat and just steal your key. If you’d still want to keep your keys under a doormat, make sure that you’ll be ready for locksmith services because chances are you’ll have stolen keys and you’ll need new ones in order to get in.

2) Beneath a Rock

Some people opt for rocks as their location for hiding keys. However, this is also very common. While some choose to put in fake rocks on their yard and hide their keys underneath, the smarter burglars or criminals will still have this in mind. Your home’s security is still at risk.

3) Beneath Flower Pots

Just like hiding under rocks, when you hide your key under flower pots chances are that key will get stolen. These areas are very common and criminals will likely look for keys in these places.

4) Top of the Doorway

Aside from the doormat, the top of the doorway is the easiest place to hide your keys. However, this is also very easy for burglars to locate. With just extending an arm, your keys are up for grabs and the whole security of your home will be compromised.

5) Inside Your Wallet

It is not a smart move to place your key inside your wallet. If anything, when you lose that wallet, you will all lose your money, identification cards and even your access to your house. Losing all of that at once would definitely be a tough hit for anyone. Be smarter and don’t risk everything on one small wallet. A pickpocket who can steal that wallet may have access to your personal information, especially your address through your IDs and then by having the keys there, your house will definitely be at risk!


You wouldn’t want to get locked out of your house because your keys got stolen from your hiding place. You will definitely need locksmith services just to get back inside the house. Save yourself the time and money and don’t hide your keys in very common locations. Always consider proximity, accessibility and security when you hide the keys. Try imagining yourself as a burglar so you could know how they would try to find your keys. The hiding spot should be very specific to you and your family. It should be one of the best kept secrets of your whole family.