October 13, 2021

Accidentally Locked out Of Your Car? 5 Things to Do



Finding yourself locked out of your car can happen anytime, for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, you might lock your keys inside your car, or lose them anywhere. Your car door locks or key can break suddenly. It doesn’t matter that you are on a trip or just on your way back from the grocery store, these things can happen without any warning.
When you face such a situation, it is necessary to remain calm and not do anything that can damage your car or cause you to injure yourself. In this situation, hiring 911 Lock & Key is one of the best options to resolve your issue and get back into your car. Below, I’m going to share some tips on how to respond to such an emergency that will help you to get back into your locked car.

1. Check all your vehicles doors to make sure that one of them is not unlocked.

Maybe some of the doors are locked or unusable, but one is unlocked or working. It’s definitely worth double-checking before you take more dramatic action.

2. Lubricate your key hole or lock with a silicon based lubricate.

WD40 makes a product in a gray can that will help lubricate the wafers and clean the lock of certain debris. Most cars today are push button start with remote access into the car. Locate your insert override key and attempt to turn the lock.

3. Use your shoe lace.

This technique requires your car to have post locks, which are the type of locks that stack straight up on the window-sill. You can pull up for unlocking them and can clearly see them from outside the car. Work the shoelace between the door and the door frame of the car at the midpoint, hold one end of the lace at the top of the window, and another end of the side where the door will open.
This will take a bit of finesse, but using a flossing motion, you should be able to loop the slip knot around the post lock. After that pull on both ends of the shoelace for griping the post and pull upward while continuing for restricting or tightening the knot.

4. Use the DIY-friendly technique for getting back into your locked car.

For this, you will need wedged-shaped object, and a thin, stronger, rod-like tool. By using the tool create a gap between your door and the door frame and insert the long-reach tool into the gap for trying manipulating the lock.
Also remember, don’t make the gap too wide or hold it open too long because it can damage the door or the window glass. I have also used a blood pressure cuff to wedge the door.

5. Get Professional help.

Getting the help of a professional is one of the best ideas to get back into your vehicle. When this incident happens with you, first, look for 911 Lock & Key and give us a call. An experienced automotive locksmith will come to your location as soon as possible and get you to enter your vehicle soon without causing any damage.
There are so many ways to open a locked car door and the above-mentioned options are the easiest and most suitable to try and also present the least amount of risk to you and your vehicle. You can also take the help of a skilled automotive locksmith for avoiding any damage and getting back to your vehicle immediately.